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I've been busy for the past couple of weeks with course work, after spring break everything started piling fast. I still saved some time to work out some of the knots. I fiddled with the carb yesterday before taking it out to the local coffee shop, pretty stoked about the idle.

The more I drive it around the better the car feels. I have to go out and give it an oil change + valve adjustment, then get the highway break-in miles started.

There will be a period where I have a week off before I begin my internship, and with parts that should be in the mail as we speak, it should mean that I can get it more road worthy.

There is one issue thats been bugging me, which is the primered driver fender + hood. I'm thinking about grabbing some colour-matching paint and giving it the good ol' college try. Also I need to pull the passenger window out to fix the plastic.

I also need to source a 5spd for it due to the type of driving I'm going to be doing with it, which I've been thinking that I should just find a s130 parts car, and take the turbo motor with it. It certainly would be nice for the touring approach that I would like to have.

Besides that I've been just thinking about where I want to drive the car. There are these memories that I have from being a wee-lad driving around the state with my parents. I get this flash of emotions that I had when I was a kid and we pulled over the car to eat something, usually it's the colour's in the area that we were in.

There is this distinct image I have of a red barn when we went out past Bodega Bay one year, but I'm not sure where it is, I tried to find it on google maps but was not able to locate the barn. But when I see it, I'll pull over and walk out to the water like we did on that day.



the condemned live longer.

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