There's this running joke among some friends were toward the start of the year, we always justify the same ol' things we are doing with, "New Year New Me". But it's almost March as I'm writing this, and I can finally say I'm starting to get a handle on the projects I've been working on. This has been along with some MiG/TiG welding classes that I've been taking which should allow me to get more comfertable with doing the aggressive chassis replacement that I would like to do on the white 240z.

The key to getting this in motion has been "just say no" to more projects, actually it probably started before that, when last year I got ( and sold) a really clean 92' Nissan 240sx LE. I really liked that car, it was BONE and I mean BONE stock. But I was trying to get it smogged for so long, and the car was a bit of a pain in the ass to work on, there was no space to fit my hands anywhere, so i got rid of it.... Which I don't think it was a bad move, but the feeling of having my time back to work on other projects was amazing. So I started doing it with other things, "needed AC fittings to finish off under the dashboard, $150 latter we have AC tooling can build whatever we need. I realized that we are going to need more organized space in the shed in order to get faster access to tools when we are remodeling, bamn, weekend remodel.

It's this momentum that I like to carry when working on projects, my old way I was trying to approach things was " if I can line things up, I can knock 2-3-4 things down rapidly. But there is a flaw in this attempt to setup life, it's the Murphy's Law interjecting itself and causing random blocks to progress on just the setup. Now don't get me wrong I'm still about orchestration, but it's less about waiting for the perfect time to do something, more about just do it.