So, this website was down for a while, allow me to kinda explain myself.

The first issue had been that over my brief summer work that I was doing I forgot to renew the SSL Certification for this website, (HTTPS is important!). But addressing the bug took a while because there were some nginx configuration stuff that needed to get ironed out. Simple enough, once that was complete the site was back up and online. But the Ghost publishing team put out a MAJOR upgrade to the platform, I've yet to incorporate it into my website because I was having issues with the installation. So I reverted back to this version that was working.

It's never that easy, after that was complete all the dependencies for NPM and Node really messed with the package installation, so it was in a broken state.

I've been working more with the Nodejs in some of my classes, so I felt that I could iron it out real quick, which I did this morning.

Anyway we are back up and running, I need to update this about the Z, its driving great. The ignition system has been upgraded, but there is a MASSIVE fuel leak at the car, which need to get addressed ASAP. I probably going to remove the mechanical pump and go only electronic, should be reliable, and I should get good milage now, I was burning like 6 gallons to go 100 miles.