Numbers Game

Numbers Game

Is it true that `if you don't fix something multiple times did you really do it`?

I'll tell you what the older I seem to get the less time I have to come back to something and fix it again. Funny that the older guys always have nicer cars, here I was thinking that they just had more funds to throw at it.

I'll update you on the 260z;

  1. Replaced the diff mount with an RT style mount (had to shave off 3/4 of the bushing to get it to fit, do this when you remove the diff).
  2. Replaced the springs with some random Tokico Springs, then pulled those off and replaced with Eibachs from MSA... (not sure if i like the progressive rear, or i need a more firm strut..... Koni Yellows?).
  3. Added sound deadening to the rear of the car.
  4. Ordered weather stripping for the rear quarter // hatch // tail lights.
  5. Cut into the taillights and started fabricating panels.
  6. Ordered a replacement striker panel, because I dont think i can make it 100% in the time frame that I would like (its been great driving weather).
  7. Reinstalled the glove box.
  8. Stainless Steel Brake Lines + Hawk Pads.
  9. Steering wheel cover (looks 100x better with it on)
  10. Removed the electric fans and went back to clutch style (no overheating)

I'm a big fan of where the car is currently at, its very fun to drive, its starting to look better within the interior.

Since last week I've been taking time after work to do the small things every day that add up to large projects getting finished. I've tried to make the tasks bite sized, and allow me to "unlock" the next days of work. It works very well, but I have to figure out a way to fight off the desire to muck about online from 8pm to 11pm; thats good time that can be spent getting more hours into the car.

These are projects of labor.

The cover image used is AK260's car from czcc. I keep coming back to this car, I love the way it looks, paint, ride height, accessories. 10/10.