Neptune is the network configuration for our place. Here is a repository that I use to save some of the service configurations. This used to be only used for spitting up a adguard-home instance that blocks ad network traffic at the house. The next itteration of this needs to be able to support this as well as serving as a home-assistant service that can perfom IoT management and bridge services to different devices. The main point of contention here will be trying to get both containers running on the computer at the same time, im not sure if it can handle something like that as the network requirements between the two containers might be conflicting.

So far on the test container I got this Xiaomi Dafang camera hooked up. Note that the connectivity goes as followes:

{Dafang} -> [FFmpeg] -> {Home Assistant} -> [Homekit Bridge] -> {iOS}

Lots of stuff being thrown around here, but that the nice thing about Home-Assistant is that you can get these vendor locked hardware to sorta speak to other devices that they should not be able to interact with.

Perhaps the annoying thing with this integration is going to be performing the backups for the configuration files of each IoT device.

PS. I dont think the spell checker is working on this editor, I need to inspect that.