Hours Spent

When the ghost production site says "you can save time by just using our ghost hosting service" holy crap will that save you time.

I think currently after 6 hours of fiddling around with NPM/NODE/NVM I finally got the setup done correctly... At least I think it's setup correctly, from my understanding, Nginx is sitting for client connections, when it gets a request for this website, it will ensure that the instance is over SSL (thanks LetsEncrypt {super straight forward setup btw}), then throw all the traffic to the Ghost application. There is an unprivileged user that runs the node instance, so its self contained.

That was perhaps the more difficult part of getting setup correctly, NVM defaults to install at the user level, while I needed to ensure that this unprivileged account was able to use a newer version of node.js, hence nvm had to be installed at a system level, so that all the users would have the options for accessing whatever node.js release.

I think there could also be a way to, give admin access to the user, install NVM, install the correct node.js release, then remove the admin access.
But really I'm not in a position to mess with it all right now.

Tomorrow, hopefully I can start adjusting this theme.

Ghost is pretty fast too!